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Monkey Cake

This is a 3 dimensional monkey that mimiced the monkey on the invitation. The body was made of cake supported by a center pvc pipe. The head was made out of rice cereal treats. The bananas were modeled out of fondant.


Rain Forest Cake

Another fun cake for a Bat Mitzvah. All the animals were hand modeled out of modeling chocolate. The trees were also modeling chocolate with piped leaves and vines. Flowers and foliage were made out of gumpaste.



Titanic Cake

This cake was created for an episode of "The Royal Pains". We had to make TWO for the shoot (I guess in case something happened to one there would be a stand-in!). It was fun to do but 2 days notice was a little stressful!


Peter Pan Pop-Up Cake Book

This cake was created for a little girl's 4th birthday. I worked on the details for this cake for a week. The idea for the cake was a pop-up story book. We started with an open book that had the map of Never Never Land painted on it.



Sausage and Pepper Hero.

The customer gave me a photo of a sausage and pepper hero and wanted her cake to look just like it. My assistant, Melissa, worked on this cake and I think she nailed it!


Fashion Week Cake

This cake was created for a Bat Mitzvah. The theme was New York Fashion Week. I created a New York cake but with all fashion accessories. There was a Fendi bag, a Prada bag, a Louboutin Shoe (red sole and all!), a Tiffany box, a Chanel diamond chain, a Gucci belt. All the street signs were Fashion logos. The Bat Mitzvah girl is a Justin Bieber fan so I put a photo of her an Justin on the taxi cab and their initials in graffiti on one of the buildings. There was also a street vendor cart complete with hot dogs and New York salt pretzels. This was a fun cake to work on.




News Flash

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Figure Modeling Class
Sunday, October 16, 2011 4 p.m.
Front Street Bakery
Rockville Center, NY
Contact Lisa at 516-766-1199 to register

We will be using modeling chocolate to create figures in motion. You will learn how to make modeling chocolate and how to make the internal support necessary to support arms and legs in motion.